Heritage Flour

Ancient Wheats
The flour is naturally low in gluten, rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils.


Modern wheats are bred for intensive agriculture, using particular chemicals and have short straw to facilitate the passage of machinery. We’ve taken the time to find ancient wheat varieties and collect the best seeds for replanting. These varieties have been chosen over centuries for their nutritive qualities and superior flavours.


We sow 30 places with plants to regenerate the soil in the fields with natural nutrition. At our farm, after only 4 years we can see that given a chance, nature comes roaring back and we can plant our wheat. Horses rather than tractors do the work to avoid compacting the restored soil. We don’t use any chemicals.

stoneground heritage flour

Only stone-ground flour is sure to contain the grain components in their original proportions and to include the germ. The way the stones grind distributes the germ oil evenly and without exposing it to excess heat, thus preserving its goodness. The flour is milled on our farm, from ancient wheat which is naturally rich in minerals, vitamins, essential oils and amino acids.

You can buy the flour in our shop:
rue Laborde, 32000 Auch:
On the right, in front of the cathedral, on the corner of rue Espagne and rue Laborde.

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