Heritage Wheat Bread

We mill our ancient cereals at the farm – Freshly stoneground.
The bread is made with a slow sourdough fermentation,
is rich in minerals, vitamins, essential oils and amino acids,
and is easily digestible and low in gluten.

Living Soil

We work the land with horses for agricultural, biologic and ecologic reasons, helping to give life back to the topsoil.

Real wheat for real bread

We have taken the time to hand pick the best seeds from our heritage cereals. They give our products their unique flavour and quality.

Pain de Naroques

Petit Epeautre 650g – 3,50 €

Pain de Naroques

Batard 650g – 3,50 €

Pain de Naroques

Pain au moule 450g – 2,40 €, ou 900g – 4,80 €

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All our breads are made from heritage cereals in our bakery at the farm. We do not have a shop at the farm yet but they are available to buy fresh from many shops in the area.

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